Common Issues

Ubuntu 22.04 – can’t connect

1: Add the VPN connection as normal using the Network Manager GUI
2: Edit the connection file in /etc/NetworkManager/(connectionname).nmconnection where (connectionname) is the name of your VPN conection
3: In the [vpn] section, beneath the line that starts ca=, add a new line reading
4: Save the file
5: Enter the command systemctl restart NetworkManager
6: Start the VPN connection as normal and it should connect


Some users with AMD CPU’s and motherboards may have a program/service called ‘AMD Armoury Crate’ which interferes with our VPN client. Disable this service to connect.

The client isn’t sized correctly on my 4K monitor

In Windows, right-click on the SlickVPN app and choose Properties. Click on the Compatibility tab and check the box for Override high DPI scaling behavior and then choose System (Enhanced) from the pull-down menu

How do I change locations in the client?

Go to the Locations page in the client and double click any city to connect immediately. You can sort the location by city, country, favorites or number of servers.

I can’t connect to websites once I’ve connected to the VPN or I get a DNS leak protection error when I connect!

a) This means that you can’t connect to the local DNS. Follow our links below to fix the issue

b) This error means that a leak is -possible- but not that a leak is actually happening. The DNS servers on your computer are set to local DNS or they match your default gateway. Click one of these links to learn how to update your DNS and get rid of the warning.

Mac OS X

Windows 10

Windows 8

Windows 7

I get ‘spawn service’ or [LEAK_PROTECT_SERVICE_ERROR] messages when I try to connect

This error indicates that the background service which makes VPN connection has been disabled. Open the Task Manager and go to the Services tab. Find the SlickVPNsrvc entry and right click to restart. In some cases, the Windows Event Log will also need to be restarted before the SlickVPNsrvc can start.

There are no locations available in the client

Right click the SlickVPN icon in the taskbar, select ‘exit’, and restart the client. This will force the client to check for new location data.

If this doesn’t help, follow this procedure

Windows –

1) Exit the client by right clicking the icon in the taskbar
2) Open the Roaming directory by entering %appdata% in the Windows Explorer address bar; Select and enter the SlickVPN directory
3) Delete the SlickVPN.ini file
4) Reboot the computer
5) Start the SlickVPN client

Mac –

1) Alt-click the SlickVPN icon in the top bar, select exit from the menu.
2) Open a terminal and enter this command:

rm .config/SlickVPN/SlickVPN.ini

3) Restart the client and the Locations should populate