Why Choose SlickVPN?

SlickVPN Creates a Secure Data Connection

When you use SlickVPN we create a secure tunnel that encrypts all of your data and makes you anonymous online.  We run seamlessly in the background so you can use the Internet without limitations.  We allow you to use the Internet as it was meant to be used: securely, privately, and anonymously.




What Else Can SlickVPN Do For You?



Protect Your Identity

Our world-class VPN encryption protects all of your data. Whether you’re banking online, gaming, browsing your favorite websites, chatting with Skype, or just watching a movie, you can feel safe knowing that SlickVPN is keeping the baddies away.




Ready For Multiple Devices

SlickVPN’s service works no matter which type of devices you’re using. Phone, tablet, desktop, WiFi router… it doesn’t matter.  With SlickVPN you can use up to 5 devices at any time.



VPN Server Locations

SlickVPN has VPN gateways in over 45 countries, with over 125 gateways available. No matter where you are, SlickVPN is nearby to keep you safe.