About Us

SlickVPN is determined to provide our customers with comprehensive service that is simple and convenient. We offer a number of valuable services that our customers are free to explore.

VPN Service

Hide your computer's IP address and location and secure all of your private information through professional encryption. This is especially important when using a public or insecure network to protect yourself from hackers or others who may do you harm.

Hide Online Identity

Explore the Internet anonymously by hiding your IP address and location, as well as your browsing history.

Gateways Across the Globe

With servers in over 45 countries SlickVPN will always have a gateway nearby. More gateways means more connection options and more speed!

Surf In Privacy

Our software works with your browser and features valuable tools for protecting your information as you surf the Internet.

Protect Your Uploads

With SlickVPN, it's up to you to decide who is allowed to download the files you upload on the Internet.

Anonymous Email and Linking

SlickVPN makes sure that you're anonymous when you receive emails from suspect websites or addresses. You can also link to other websites without the third-party site knowing who provided the link.