SlickVPN Client Downloads

Windows SlickVPN client v0.2.61

OS X SlickVPN client v0.2.61


Older Versions:

Windows SlickVPN client v0.2.44
OS X SlickVPN client v0.2.44

Windows SlickVPN client v0.1.384
OS X SlickVPN client v0.1.384

Change Log


* default server is now the nearest server for new installs.
* new installs default to using the random port setting.
* fixed a bug related to server list updates.

* Windows service update and security related fixes.
* Fixed issue with application window icon not being initialized in windows.

* completely reworked how connections are managed and made.
* no more confusing groups. connect directly to a location or gateway from the locations tab or dashboard.
* added the ability to mark favorite locations.
* filter locations by 'core' account support.
* other assorted minor bug fixes.v0.1.384:

* Fixed an issue with some groups causing OpenVPN error (too many servers).
* Optional default to disable logging and IP tracking.
* Clear log files and IP history on startup when features are disabled in preferences.

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