OS X – IPSec Setup

We’ll show you how to setup an IPSec connection on your OS X machine

1. Go to System Preferences

2. Go to Network

Screenshot 2016-08-10 10.54.17

3. Click the ‘+’ button


4. Select VPN from the Interface dropdown and Cisco IPSec from the VPN Type dropdown, name the connection ‘SlickVPN’

Screenshot 2016-08-10 10.56.03

5. Add server address (ex: gw2.mia4.slickvpn.com), login, and IPSec password

Screenshot 2016-08-10 11.00.19

6. Click Authentication Settings, and add ‘gogoVPN’ (without quotes) to the Shared Secret field

Screenshot 2016-08-10 10.57.40

7. Apply changes and click Connect