Installing And Configuring Openvpn

1. Visit for the latest release of OpenVPN

1 visit openvpn (crop)

2. Save the latest version of the Windows Installer

2 save file (crop)

3. Select ‘Run’ when the download is completed

3 run to install (crop)

4. Select ‘Yes’ to allow the program to install

4. yes to UAC (crop)

5. Select ‘Next’ to continue

5 next to install (crop)

6. Agree to the License Terms

6 agree to license (crop)

7. Leave all default settings enabled and select ‘Next’

7 default settings (crop)

8. Select ‘Install’

8 install (crop)

9. Select ‘Install’ again in the Windows Security window

9 win security (crop)

10. Select ‘Next’ to continue

9 win security (crop)

11. Select ‘Finish’ to complete the installation

11 finish (crop)
OpenVPN GUI Setup

12. Select Start, then right click the OpenVPN GUI icon and select ‘Properties’

12 gui properties (crop)

13. Select ‘Advanced’ in the properties window

13 advanced (crop)

14. Check the ‘Run as administrator’ box and select ‘OK’

14 run as admin (crop)

15. Select ‘OK’ to close the OpenVPN GUI Properties window. You’ll be prompted to provide admistrator permission to change the settings, select ‘Continue’

15 confirm changes (crop)
Done! OpenVPN GUI will now be running in the Taskbar. Download the default config file Los Angeles   Dallas  New York  Montreal

16. Choose ‘Save’ to save the file into your ‘Downloads’ directory

16 save config (crop)

17. Select ‘Open Folder’ to open the Downloads directory (or Start->Documents->Downloads)

17 downloads directory (crop)

18. In the opened directory, select all files (Shift+click each file), then right click and select ‘Copy’


19. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the Local Disk -> Program Files -> OpenVPN -> config directory

19 open config directory (crop)

20. Right click on in the directory and select ‘Paste’. Click ‘Continue’ when UAC box opens

20 paste files (crop)

21. Done!

Connect to SlickVPN
21 done (crop)

22. Right click the OpenVPN icon on the toolbar

22 select icon (crop)

23. Select ‘Connect’ from the menu

23 connect (crop)

24. Enter your username and password and click ‘OK’ to connect to SlickVPN

24 login and pass (crop)
Done! Enjoy the added security and anonymity of your VPN connection!