DD WRT Settings (versions 24999 and older)

Download the Key File before starting the guide

11) On the DD-WRT router configuration page, go to the ‘Services’ tab; Click the ‘VPN’ sub-tab

2) Scroll down to the “OpenVPN Client” section; Click “Enable”

Enable – Start OpenVPN client
Enter a server IP – (Get a gateway IP by running a ping from a command prompt or terminal)
$ ping gw1.iad1.slickvpn.com
PING gw1.iad1.slickvpn.com (
Port – 8888, 8080 or 443
Tunnel Device – TUN
Tunnel Protocol – UDP (use TCP with port 443 to mimic HTTPS)
Encryption Cipher – AES-256-CBC
Hash Algorithm – SHA1

Advanced Options: Enable

TLS Cipher – None
LZO Compression – Disabled
NAT – Enable
Firewall – Disable (Incoming ports are blocked by NAT firewall)
Tunnel MTU – 1500



Insert into Additional Config:

auth-user-pass /tmp/user.conf
keepalive 10 120
remote-cert-tls server

Open the Key File and copy the CA Cert, Client Cert and Client Key (including the —-BEGIN and —–END lines) into the appropriate fields. Click the ‘Save’, then ‘Apply Settings’ buttons












Now go to the Administration tab, and click the Commands sub-tab.


Paste the following code into the Commands box, replacing “[email protected]” and “user_password” with your actual VPN user name and password; Click “Save Startup”.

echo “user@slickvpn” > /tmp/user.conf
echo “user_password” >> /tmp/user.conf
chmod 600 /tmp/user.conf

Now, again under the Administration tab, click the Management sub-tab. Scroll all the way down to the bottom, and click “Reboot Router”.





Go to the Status tab and OpenVPN sub-tab. You should see ‘Client: CONNECTED: SUCCESS’ at the top of the page