OpenVPN for Android

Bring up this page on your Android device.

First, download the SlickVPN ovpn file (or choose a file from our Locations map) – Los Angeles   Dallas  New York  Montreal  Miami






2. Tap the button as indicated to add the SlickVPN config2






3. Tap Downloads and select the file SV_mobile.ovpn3







4. Tap the checkmark to finish the import4





5. Tap SV_mobile to start your connection5

**Note – The default configuration is for Washington, DC. To change your location, tap the pencil to edit the configuration. Go to the Server List and change the location ( to any server listed here –


6. Enter your login and the MAIN password for your account (not PPTP/IPSec password)










7. Check the log for the Connected message7



8. Quickly verify your connection by checking the lock icon in the top bar8