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Super Bowl Streaming

Published On: January 22nd, 2016   Filed Under: PPTP, SlickVPN Client, Streaming, VPN

Ah, yes. The Golden Super Bowl. And if you not only don’t have tickets to watch the game at Levi’s Stadium, but also can’t watch the CBS telecast of the game because you’ll be outside the United States, don’t despair.

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Or perhaps you are indeed outside the US, but haven’t even thought about it yet. So a brief explanation: NFL Football has continued to grow in popularity throughout the world– over 100 million people and growing watch the event live every year, and the global audience is a big part of the growth. It may seem odd that such a popular event isn’t simply available worldwide, but it is true.

Even online– the official online feed of the game was only made available since 2012 and is restricted to only U.S. IP addresses.

So while Americans can stream Super Bowl 50 via– click here for the live stream link—outside the United States, it’s a lot more complicated. There are restrictions put in place by the content providers.

But here’s how you can do it, expatriate NFL football fan:

  1. Use SlickVPN to get a U.S. based IP address.
  2. The VPN’s U.S. IP will allow you to go to one of the official sites like or
  3. Since you are using SlickVPN with unlimited bandwidth, you’ll be able to watch the programming with the highest possible quality.
  4. Some more goodies: The official Super Bowl stream also includes DVR-like amenities like pause, replay, and even different camera angles from which to watch the action!
  5. PC , MAC—Linux too—even tablets and mobile devices can be utilized with SlickVPN.


One thing to avoid: any site that promises you can watch the game for a modest charge to your credit card, or for free if you’ll download an application in exchange. You may or may not get the game, but you’ll definitely find your credit card security hacked or malware infecting your computer.