Can I pay by cash, check or money order?

Yes you can! You can elect to pay for your SlickVPN account by cash, check or money order, and/or to request an invoice.


Send cash or make your check or money order payable to SlickVPN. Be sure to include information on which SlickVPN account you prefer and how you would like to receive your SlickVPN account details.

Mail to:

  Weston Road PMB #231,
  Weston, Florida 33331,

For checks and money orders, please be careful with your spelling and make sure all data has been entered (date, payee, amount, and signature). We will process your order once payment is made. Please note that we reserve the right to ensure that your payment clears with your bank prior to approving your order.

We encourage all SlickVPN members to use our easy online payment system to minimize fraud, however if you cannot use our online system and choose to subscribe using cash, check or money order for your SlickVPN account, please be advised it may take up to 5 working days to activate the online access manually.

It is imperative that payments received are supplemented with information that provides a preferred means of contact to provide you with your access information.

Monthly accounts will not renew unless payments are received 5 days before the renewal date (we encourage users to send their renewal payments at least 10 days prior to the renewal date).

Monthly accounts can also be prepaid to include any number of months you wish to receive.

All payments must be made in US dollars. Check orders must be drawn in U.S. funds from a U.S. bank and will not begin processing until your payment arrives. This process may take up to 5 business days. Please note we do not accept starter checks.

For international orders, we accept credit cards (Visa and MasterCard only), Paypal and Bitcoin payments.