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New Feature on SlickVPN: NAT Firewall

Published On: February 12th, 2015   Filed Under: SlickVPN News, Uncategorized, VPN

A NAT firewall is a new standard feature to our SlickVPN service which provides an additional layer of security and prevents incoming connections that are not authorized from bypassing a network.


The Network Address Translation Firewall is a process that modifies the Internet Protocol (IP) address in IP packet headers so they can be properly routed to the intended destination.


Due to the fact that IP packets are not recognized, the process that the NAT Firewall feature provides is blocking any unsolicited traffic.


With the amount of hackers and programs that scan the internet for vulnerable devices, an unprotected device can leave themselves open for identity theft and spam. The NAT Firewall feature blocks these scans from ever reaching the device that SlickVPN is run on, preventing malicious malware from being installed or being able to access personal information.