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New FCC Rules Affect Router Makers

Published On: March 15th, 2016   Filed Under: Hardware, Security, Streaming, TCP/IP

Commercial routers come out of the box designed for the general public.  They are meant to be easy to use.  But that ease of use comes with a cost:  Your router is only as good as its firmware.  The firmware is the software that controls what the router does.  And if it is lacking, your wireless experience is going to be lacking, too.

This is not a problem for some people.  The router they get from Linksys/Cisco, or Netgear, or D-Link works fine.  These users are bound to the software that is part of the router—and they are okay with that.

But other users want to expand their horizons.  They want to push their router to be more—to do more.  And that’s where custom firmware like OpenWRT, or DD-WRT, or Tomato have been able to step in.  These are all open-source alternative firmware choices designed for routers.  You can add features that perhaps weren’t present on your router out of the box:

  • Static routing
  • Repeating Functions
  • Antenna power
  • Overclocking
  • And… perhaps most importantly for many… VPN.

Something most people may not think about:  The FCC has jurisdiction over radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable.  So the minute a router sends a wireless signal, it comes under the FCC’s domain.  Now the FCC has created a new set of rules for router makers.  These restrictions are meant to limit interference and eliminate users from being able to change their radio frequency settings.

The FCC hasn’t blocked third-party firmware, strictly speaking.  But there are so many restrictions in the new rules that complying with them is difficult.  And now, at least one manufacturer– TP-Link—has made the decision that it’s easier to just ban open source firmware on their devices period.   Then, there’s no need to test that firmware for compliance.

End result for TP-Link buyers after June 2, 2016?  They will no longer be able to install customer firmware.  Now the question is:  how many other manufacturers will follow suit?  If you see a router upgrade in your future, it might be a good idea to get it done now.


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