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Net Neutrality Repeal and VPN Liberation

Published On: December 18th, 2017   Filed Under: Routers, Safety, Security, SlickVPN News, Streaming, TCP/IP, VPN, WIFI

So you’ve already heard that FCC voted to rollback Net Neutrality—despite overwhelming consumer feedback that this is a very bad thing for consumers.

There are three primary aspects of  the net neutrality repeal that are most worrisome:

  1. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will no longer be prohibited from blocking access to lawful content, apps, or service.

Yes, it’s possible that under the new rules content from a competitor to the ISP—NetFlix access for someone using Comcast, for instance—could be prohibited.

  1. ISPs are no longer prohibited from impairing, degrading, or throttling certain sites, services, or apps.

Consumers may find that apps they are trying to use that are in direct competition to the ISP—accessing movies via Amazon Prime Video, for instance, instead of calling the same movie up “on-demand” on AT&T Uverse—may suddenly run slowly or poorly– if at all.

  1. ISPs are no longer prohibited from accepting financial consideration for prioritizing certain internet traffic.

Imagine ‘fast lanes’ and ‘slow lanes’ being driven primarily by dollars—meaning sites that don’t pay up (presumably passing those costs on to consumers) may find themselves and their content in the slow lane.

Legal Action is Already Planned Against Net Neutrality Repeal

  • Several public interest organizations, including Free Press have already announced their intentions to sue
  • Anticipate lawsuits from trade organizations like the Internet Association—representing Amazon, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Reddit, and others.
  • There are even some states like New York where the Attorneys General have planned to form a multistate lawsuit against the FCC.

But at the end of the day, it’s a fact:  the playing field will likely change.

So what can you do?

Get VPN Protection from Net Neutrality Repeal

With rules allowing ISPs to give preference to their own or partner services, it’s almost certain that more buffering or lower-quality video is going to happen in the future.  There may be outright blocks to certain services—unless you pony up for charges over and above regular ISP subscription fees.

Think it won’t happen?  Well, it already did—BEFORE the Obama Administration era Net Neutrality regulations were put into place to try and stop them from happening again.  Remember when AT&T restricted access to Apple FaceTime on its cellular network for some users?

A quality VPN like SlickVPN may be able to help you.  A VPNs puts your online traffic in an encrypted tunnel, so that crafty ISP can’t tell what services you are using or what content you are accessing.

Voila!  Net Neutrality, courtesy VPN.

More VPN Protection

VPNs also protect your privacy—everything you do online is masked, encrypted, and kept away from spying eyes.

You can get VPN service, or you can trust the big ISPs.  After all, the CEO of Comcast pledged just prior to that vote Comcast would not misbehave

“Comcast does not and will not block, throttle, or discriminate against lawful content.”

Or you can protect yourself on any computer, tablet or smartphone by connecting to SlickVPN.

No monitoring, no throttling, and no selling of your information to third parties—because no one can see you.  The sites you visit are masked, as well as your unique identifiers.

You can even access geo-restricted content by routing your internet connection through a country in which the content for which you are looking is available. It’s good to be protected—especially now that your own government has repealed the consumer-friendly ruling of Net Neutrality.