Introducing SlickVPN CORE

SlickVPN’s mantra is that everyone should be able to control their own internet experience. To bring our vision of providing online security to even more people we are introducing an affordable new VPN option. It provides the same great security that you’ve come to expect from SlickVPN, including 256-bit secured connections and 100% reliability.

SlickVPN CORE is our starter level VPN service. CORE allows you to connect to one of the VPN gateways listed below with a single connection.

CORE works on your home computers and routers as well as your mobile devices when you’re on the road. CORE is a great option for frequent travellers looking to stay safe on the go.

Simple and Secure

With SlickVPN CORE no one can monitor or affect what you do online. The encrypted tunnel produced uses bank-level or better encryption, so the sites you visit are masked, as well as your unique identifiers.

Defeat Geolocation

CORE is the perfect solution to getting around geolocation locks and geographic barriers to your favorite content. With CORE gateways in 10 countries* you’re sure to be able to access your favorite sites.

As with all SlickVPN accounts, CORE is super-fast and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

SlickVPN CORE Gateway Cities*:
* subject to change.







United Kingdom-London

United Kingdom-Manchester

United Kingdom-Rochester



USA-New York


USA-Washington D.C.