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The US Congress Has Voted To Take Away Broadband Privacy

Published On: March 30th, 2017   Filed Under: Safety, Security, SlickVPN News, VPN

In the ever-present war on your privacy, the United States Congress has voted to repeal broadband privacy protections. Once this is signed into law ISP’s will be free to sell data, without your consent, about your internet usage.

SlickVPN’s Position

At SlickVPN, we have always felt that Privacy is Freedom. We oppose any laws or regulations that could potentially expose your data to third parties. So it’s no surprise that we strongly oppose allowing ISP’s to sell your private data to advertisers.

What Can You Do?

If you oppose the wholesale giveaway of your privacy by ISP’s then make your voice heard.


In response to S.J. Res 34, we are declaring March 31, 2017 to be #FreedomFriday. We will give away up to 2,017 SlickVPN CORE accounts for free. The accounts will be valid for one month. Signup here.

We are giving away free VPN accounts on Freedom Friday because we believe that everyone deserves online privacy. Getting one of our CORE accounts will keep your browsing history safe once the bill is signed into law.

Tweet: #Resist ISP’s selling your browsing history. Join #FreedomFriday today protect yourself #BroadbandPrivacy


VPN Use Skyrocketing

Thankfully, it appears that more Americans that ever are looking at VPN’s as a way to protect their privacy. VPN’s encrypt your internet data, making it impossible for ISP’s to tell what you’re doing online.

VPN searches have skyrocketed over the last week according to Google Trends.

Contact SlickVPN

If you have any questions about our position on this issue then reach out to us @SlickVPN.

Press Inquiries: [email protected].