Benefits and Features

Secure Your Identity and Data

A VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network, can protect your online identity and data where an anti-virus or firewall may fail. These protect your data on your computer, but a VPN can protect it when you transfer data. Let's say you're using a cloud back up and you'd like to access the files held on it at a public Wi-Fi hotspot. It is very important that you use a VPN service to protect your data during the transfer.

Hide Your IP Location

SlickVPN is a VPN service that works to prevent tracking your IP address by giving you an anonymous IP address so that your real one is not identified. Websites and search engines are, therefore...Learn More about VPN

Take Control of Your Data and Information

Whenever you connect to the internet, you do so through a service. Everybody pays for internet access, and in some cases access to this service can come with unclear terms, policies, and conditions. If you're diligent in reading all of the terms and conditions, it's often difficult to verif...Learn More about VPN Control

Avoid Annoying Marketing

SlickVPN works to protect your online searches and keep them private. We hide your real IP address while an anonymous address is shown instead. This gives you the power to dictate what search engines gather about you and your search history.

Security at Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

Just about anybody can gain access to this information fairly easily using a simple and readily available program. It can expose your usernames, passwords, and other sensitive inform...Learn More about Secure Surfing

Simple to Setup and Use

SlickVPN software puts you a few easy steps away from obtaining privacy and security. You don't have to worry about adjusting a litany of settings. Instead, follow our easy instructions and yo...See How Simple

Safe Online Access When Traveling

Those who travel often should be well aware of the problems that might arise when trying to access services from international locations. Some websites might see a commercial transaction as fraudulent, while some websites won't allow you to view media if you are overseas.

How a VPN is Like a Firewall

Most attacks on a private computer are carried out by targeting your IP address. SlickVPN makes sure that your real IP address is not visible to those who would do you harm. Instead, they see the anonymous IP address. SlickVPN makes sure that our network and your security are not compromised.

Your Employer's VPN

Some employers provide VPN service to their employees who access the internet at work. While this may protect you from any external criminals or hackers, it leaves your information still to be access by the employer's IT staff. If you use your own SlickVPN service, though, you can ensure that your data and internet usage stays private.