Five Great Reasons to Use SlickVPN with Netflix


Our VPN services at SlickVPN work very well for customers who want to stream Netflix. In fact, we have had many customers tell us that using SlickVPN greatly enhances their Netflix experience. Here are five great reasons to use our service while streaming Netflix, based off of feedback from SlickVPN customers.

1. Get What You Paid For

I am a Netflix subscriber and have paid for the service in my native country, but I travel abroad and want to use the service I have already paid for when I travel.

2. Faster Streaming

SlickVPN can actually speed up your internet connection because ISPs often traffic shape, throttle, or otherwise interfere with your connection based on your usage patterns.

3. Your privacy and anonymity are important!

If you have a desire for Privacy and Anonymity every single time you are connected to the internet, no matter what you are doing, then you should connect through SlickVPN.

4. Stop Hackers

You are in a Hotel or using Public Wifi. It is very easy for even a novice hacker to intercept your unencrypted wi-fi signal. SlickVPN will encrypt your connection and prevent this type of data loss.  We recently posted a great article about this type of situation here: Hotel Wifi Safety

5. Defeat Packet Inspection

VPN defeats Deep Packet Inspection (DPI).  DPI is often used for internet data mining,eavesdropping, and internet censorship.  Because it allows ISPs to see what you are doing, it can be used by internet service providers to throttle speeds.

Will Netflix Block VPN?

Some believe that Netflix may try to curtail the use of VPN to access the service their many customers have already paid for.  We really hope Netflix does not take this route.  They have a terrific product and we believe everyone should be in control of their own internet experience.

Our Netflix Pledge

Here at SlickVPN, we work tirelessly to ensure our customers have access to the entire internet. If we find that our IP addresses start to become blocked we will migrate to new IPs as needed. We also offer the option of static IPs which eliminates the problem entirely.  If at any point we are unable to provide our customers with our usual fast, unrestricted, and anonymous access to the entire internet, we will gladly refund those customers.